Allergy Therapeutics

Allergy Therapeutics

Allergy TherapeuticsAllergy Therapeutics PLC (ATp) launched a project to upgrade one of their manufacturing processes for the treatment of allergies. ATp have a sterile range of tyrosine based products which are used to desensitise patients who are allergic to known allergens especially Pollens.

ATp enlisted BPE to validate, design and project manage the £1.7M venture. Following a successful tender, Suncombe were awarded the contract for the detailed design and build of the 8 preassembled units that comprised the process.  The equipment design incorporates semi automated operation by a bespoke control system, Clean in Place, Steam in Place together with the latest technology for the transfer of solutions between vessels.

Allergy TherapeuticsThe plant has now been delivered to site and is currently undergoing an intensive qualification programme. It is anticipated that the first qualification batches will be manufactured. The attached photograph shows one of the main skids used in the manufacturing process.

The project has been demanding and rewarding, the teams working closely together to overcome challenges throughout the life cycle of the project.  It is hoped that this joint venture will be one of the first to be undertaken by the ATp, BPE and Suncombe.

Rick Poland
UK Manufacturing & Engineering Manager