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Process Chemical Decanting Systems

Process Chemical Decanting Systems

The Ultrasafe, robust, reliable Process Chemical Decanting Systems for critical sectors for internal and external use

Suncombe Process Chemical Decanting Systems provide a robust and repeatable method of transferring process chemicals from the transit container, typically an IBC, drum or carboy, known as the source container, into a static or permanent container, referred to as the target vessel.

Process chemical decanting requires robust adherence to safety protocols and guidelines and proper handling techniques. By employing decanting techniques, the users can relatively quickly dispose of or return the transit containers and transfer the chemical to static or permanent container, which are designed to take into account the COSHH and safety regimes detailed by risk assessments and HAZOPs.

The Skids comprise all the necessary connections, lances, pumps, valves, pipework and related components and instrumentation to deliver the required decanting operation in a safe and controlled manner. Type, quantity and physical sizes of components are determined during the design phase of each project to suit the required application.

Systems include a user-configurable recipe based control system and are pre-assembled and fully tested with operating utility supplies in our works to minimise risk and optimise installation and validation time on-site.

Systems comply with all applicable regulatory standards and are accompanied by a comprehensive suite of documentation covering all aspects of installation, operation and maintenance.


Decanting from:

  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCsand Totes)
  • Chemical Drums
  • Chemical Carboys
  • And other chemical transit and supply containers

Decanting to:

  • Chemical Bulk Tanks
  • Chemical Day Tanks
  • Chemical Intermediate StorageTanks
  • Chemical mobile tanks
  • And other chemical static or permanent containers


  • 316L stainless steel, minimal deadlegs, fully drainable, material &weld traceability and chemically resistant thermoplastics, generally FDA approved components
  • Control and instrumentation to GAMP5
  • Robust, reliable, Safe, Repeatable Operation

Process Chemical Decanting Systems Datasheet

Various Decanting Technologies

1. Gravity-Fed Decanting System: Suitable for low-viscosity liquids with container or drum elevated above the target vessel.

2. Pump-Based Decanting System: Low or high viscosity and longer distances, utilises a pump to transfer the liquid from the source container to the destination vessel. Allows for adjustable flow rates and precise control over the decanting process.

3. IBC/Drum Decanting Station: Specifically designed for safe decanting of liquids from drums or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs). Consists of a dedicated workstation with integrated safety features, including spill containment, splash guards, and may incorporate pumps, instrumentations and valves for efficient and controlled decanting.

4. Automated Decanting Systems: Utilises PLC systems to automate the decanting operation, and can be customized to include self deploying suction lances, automatic container changeover, integrated alarms, interfaces to POUs, batch reports and records.

5. Metered Decanting System: Designed for applications where precise measurement of volume is critical. Can be combined with other systems such as pump-based or gravity-fed for controlled and precise dispensing.

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316L stainless steel and thermoplastic construction and components: Chemicals are maintained at the highest standards with full material traceability, weld maps and tables and welding dossier.

Siemens PLC and 12” colour HMI with options for additional HMIs: Control hardware is industry standard and supported worldwide by Siemens. Ethernet interface included for transfer of critical operating variables to other systems. Designed to enable integration to third party equipment or higher level control system. Versions also available with remote I/O for control by clients control system.

Suncombe SmartDoseTM software: Control software specification has been developed and proven over many years for dosing applications and includes a wide range of user or administrator configurable parameters to enable customised dosing, including water flow, pressure, time, temperature, chemical concentration and many more. User passwords, Active Directory, Audit Trails, Electronic CIP batch reports for local or network storage are possible. User interface screens and process visualisation is simple, intuitive, clear and comprehensive. Remote access options are possible if required. Software complies with FDA 21CFR and EU GMP regulations.

Plug ‘n’ Play: Fully integrated with comprehensive in-house testing to ensure fast start up on site

Instruments: Sanitary instruments of Endress and Hauser/Mettler Toledo or equivalent with full material and calibration certification.