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BioWasteSink ™

BioWasteSink ™

Introduction to BioWasteSink ™ Effluent Treatment Systems

The BioWasteSink ™ effluent treatment system are permanently installed components of laboratory furniture and placed against the service spine or a wall. They are pre-designed systems for use in biocontainment labs, to treat low volumes of effluent using an innovative batch process allowing positive release of all of your waste. The system is designed to fit into new or retrofit into existing laboratories.

Designed to operate from a single 13 amp 230 Vac plug (European versions), the BioWasteSink™, uses SteriHeat™ established licensed electrical heating technology to treat the effluent in batches at variable f0 lethality settings.

Using robust, proven design principles, the Effluent Decontamination Systems deal with CL BioSafety Waste Level 1 to 3 and take into account two main areas of concern. Firstly the systems effectively sterilise or inactivate any harmful pathogens in the waste stream and secondly total containment must be assured at all times. The unit can be fully chemical decontaminated for maintenance.

Key Features

• Robust and reliable
• Pre-tested at Suncombe
• Plug n Play after delivery
• Only requires water and electricity
• Can be plugged into a standard 13 amp 230 Vac plug (European versions)
• Gravity flow from collection to treatment tanks
• Adjustable kill temperature and time
• Under bench location

Head to our main Suncombe Effluent Decontamination System page to learn more.

BioWasteSink ™ Datasheet


Containment Level: 1 – 3

Number of Treatment Vessels: 1

Number of Collection Vessels: Sink

System Capacity: 72 to 144 litres per day

Treatment Parameters: Variable but typically 65°C, 95°C and 135°C for up to 2 minutes, with f0>50

Treatment Parameters: Typically 43°C without any cooling utility required

Sink Material: Stainless steel or Epoxy to prevent high frequency noise generation

SteriHeat™ Material: 316 Stainless steel, duplex or Hastelloy

Operating Voltage: 230VAC 13 Amps

Automation: BioSuite Level 1000 to 2000 (option for records)

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