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EDS Accessories

EDS Accessories
EDS Accessories

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EDS Accessories


BioWaste Decontamination Kill Systems Accessories and Optional Features

Cleaning In Place
EDSCIP™ is a Chemical cleaning system designed specifically for providing Chemical cleaning for the MicroEDS™ and the MaxiEDS™ systems.

Optional Integrated Steam Generation and Air Compressor
The systems are available with integrated Steam Generation and Air Compressors, to offer stand-alone capability. The steam generators and compressors can also be supplied on a separate skid for location in a remote are if preferred. Some clients prefer to adopt this approach for maintenance purposes. We utilise steam generators by Fulton and Air Compressors by Atlas Copco as these manufacturers offer top quality reliable products with worldwide local service partners.

Low Volume BioWaste Decontamination Kill Systems Drainage Accessories

Drainage Solutions
Gravity & Pumped

Pumped Drainage Equipment
Pump Stations with options for integral sink, eyewash, shower and sump

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