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Suncombe Jacketed Mixing Vessels

Jacketed Mixing Vessel
Jacketed Mixing Vessels

Introduction to Suncombe Jacketed Mixing Vessels

The Suncombe Jacketed Mixing vessel 39173 is a 75 litre fully sanitary atmospheric tanks with a top entry solution mixer and a pressurised Oil or Hot Water Heating Jacket with the option of custom design and manufacture for your particular requirement.

Equipment Standards

Built from 316L stainless steel internally with 304/316 external fitments. Fully sanitary, the base internal finish is 180 grit, with higher finishes on demand including 0.4 μmRa surface finishes, 0.1 μmRa and electropolished finishes available.

Documentation Package

2.2b Certificate of Conformity, construction drawings, maintenance procedures, datapack. Options for Materials of construction certificates (3.1b’s), Weld Procedures, Welder Approval Certificates, Isometric Weld Log Drawings, engraved welds. Full validation data Dossier.

Typical uses

Used in processing industries for sanitary processing and mixing. Typical uses include:

  • Mix Tanks, Batch Processors and Stirred Holding Tanks
  • Media Processors
  • Solution Preparation


The standard tanks are available as static or mobile tanks with castors. Custom Vessels can be supplied with Equipment and Facilities as required.

Jacketed Mixing Vessel access lid
Jacketed Mixing Vessel access lid
Jacketed Mixing Vessel mixer control
Jacketed Mixing Vessel typical
Jacketed Mixing Vessel typical

Jacketed Mixing Vessels Datasheet

Standard Features
  • 75 litre vessel
  • Atmospheric inner and Pressure jacket design
  • 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Internal Surface Finish
  • Stainless Steel polished Framework
  • Drainable, crevice free design
  • Triclamp connections and diaphragm valves
  • Safety grid over access cover, with safety switch
  • Oil/water electrical heater
  • Pressure Safety Equipment
  • 230 Vac/400 Vac 3 ph Control panel with level indicators, Heating Control with Setpoint and Variable speed drive for impellor mixer

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