HybridEDS ™

HybridEDS ™

Introduction to HybridEDS ™ Effluent Decontamination System

The Innovative Hybrid Effluent Decontamination System with the speed of a continuous system and the validation of a batch system.

The Suncombe HybridEDS™ BioWaste Decontamination Kill System has been developed to provide the speed of a continuous decontamination system with the validation characteristics of a batch Decontamination system.

Following numerous clients’ requests to develop a continuous based biowaste decontamination system that could be validated in the manner that a batch system can, using Suncombe tremendous experience of Biowaste decontamination systems and critical processing systems, we have worked on leveraging our knowledge of batch and continuous biowaste decontamination systems, to combine the advantages of both methodologies.

The systems, which can include long treatment times, for example up to 30 minutes, are used for the treatment of effluent and waste generated by research, laboratory, production and bio-containment facilities from a single laboratory room to a large multi-user facility and for production and process waste decontamination.

Heavy duty validateable Batch BioWaste Decontamination System used for Biological Hazardous Effluent Decontamination and Growth Media Sterilisation for BSL levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, they are available in a wide range of capacities and configurations, with every system individually designed to suit each client’s specific requirements, with a dedicated Project Team, who will co-ordinate throughout the project lifecycle and agree approval prior to construction.

Key Features

• Robust and reliable
• Pre-tested at Suncombe
• Plug n Play after delivery
• Steam utility required or integral steam generator
• Adjustable kill temperature and time
• Pumped discharge to sewers

HybridEDS ™ Datasheet


Containment Level: BSL1, BSL2, BSL3, BSL4

Treatment Vessels: Any Number

Collection Vessels: Any Number

System Capacity: Up to 45,000L per day

Treatment Parameters: Variable f0 values and temperatures up to 140°C

System Cooling: 42C 

Material: 316 Stainless steel

Operating Voltage: 400VAC

Automation: BioSuite Level 2000 standalone control system with touch panel display

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