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Chemical Distribution Schemes

Chemical Skids
Chemical Distribution Schemes

Introduction to Chemical Distribution Schemes

Suncombe Chemical Distribution Schemes are a robust range of heavy duty schemes for internal and external storage and distribution of liquid chemicals. Primarily used in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage, healthcare and other critical sectors, they encompass the high quality of design, manufacture and documentation required in these sectors.


Individually developed for clients specific requirements, Suncombe Chemical Distribution Schemes provide a robust, reliable, repeatable method of storage and distribution of liquids. They incorporate internal and/or external enclosures for containing liquid IBCs and drums, pipework, pumps, valves, instrumentation and an in-built control system.


  • Developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Safe storage for chemicals in internal or external locations
  • Self bunded systems with combined or split bunds
  • Local day tanks, pumping stations and manual filling stations
  • External versions weatherproofed, heated and ventilated
  • Safety showers and eyebaths
  • Available for many liquid solutions and chemical compounds
  • High quality stainless, duplex, PE and compatible material schemes
  • 316 stainless steel pipework as standard
  • Duplex steel or plastic pipework for chemical compatibility
  • Safety Interlocks to SIL2
  • Automatic or manual changeover of twin IBCs or drums
  • Pressure relief and safety devices
  • Risk assessment, method statements, operating instructions and full documentation
  • 2D drawings and 3D models supplied
  • Factory Acceptance Testing Included

Chemical Distribution Datasheet

We are able to accommodate multiple user requirements, and are experienced in designing and manufacturing systems to various specification variables. Quickly fill out your information in the form below so one of our team members can help you with your specific requirements.

Automation Philosophy: Manual, Semi-automatic, automatic

Number of IBCs/Drums in Scheme: 1 – 10

Number of IBCs/Drums in Enclosure: 1 – 4

Operating Voltage: 230VAC or 400VAC (24VDC control) – international voltage options

Automation: Suite Levels 1000 to 4000 – option for DCS/remote control

Reporting: Optional printed 21CFR11 electronic records and batch reports.

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