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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Suncombe Limited
Environmental Statement

Suncombe Limtied is committed to ensuring its business in conducted in a manner which protects and enhances the environment.

Suncombe Limited has produced the following list of objectives as a sound framework for the introduction of practices to implement the Environmental Policy:

  • Compliance with Government Legislation and Local Government Regulations;
  • Commit the necessary financial resources to fulfil the Policy;
  • Swift response to accidents or incidents that might threaten the environment;
  • The provision of advice on the safe handling of company produced goods, their transportation and their usage to customers, contractors, etc.;
  • The disposal of any waste products (including hazardous waste) in ways that show concern for the environment and comply with the law;
  • To use only registered carriers to dispose of waste, and to recycle wherever possible;
  • To encourage the development of, and provide products, processes and equipment with concern for the future of the environment, including the use of sustainable or recyclable materials wherever possible and practicable;
  • To communicate freely on environmental matters with government officials, employees, customers and members of the public;
  • To provide training for all employees as appropriate to enable them to carry out their job functions in a manner that shows care for the environment;
  • To carry out environmental audits when required;
  • Focus on actions to conserve resources and energy, to minimise emission to air, water and land and to increase recycling rates;
  • During manufacturing and construction activities, to minimise noise levels, traffic nuisance, emission of pollutants and disturbance to the public and local ecosystems;
  • To assess the environmental impact of all Company operations and regularly review our Environmental Policy to continuously improve and revise as necessary.

This Statement has been approved and authorised by

Name: Dave Adam Overton
Position: Director

Trees For Life

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we have an exciting partnership with Trees for Life to help rewild the Scottish Highlands.

Trees for Life is a multi-award winning conservation charity. For over 25 years they have worked with volunteers to rescue the Caledonian Forest and the wildlife that calls it home. From small beginnings Trees for Life has planted nearly two million trees towards the long-term vision to save a habitat of global importance.

We are pleased to contribute to the environmental sustainability work of Trees for Life – regenerating the wild forest and providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive.