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SIPOne ™

SIPOne ™

Introduction to SIPOne ™

The Suncombe SIPOne™ has been developed as a stand-alone module for Sterilising In Place. Available in mobile and static configurations, the range has been developed over 45 years for providing a robust, reliable means of supplying repeatable, validateable, controllable SIP sterilisation.

Stainless enclosures, with safety interlocked doors, to locate the equipment, can be supplied to contain the equipment for SIP, to ensure Health and Safety. Every unit is specifically designed for its particular application and is developed by Suncombe engineers together with the client personnel to provide the optimum sterilisation system and a simple validation trail.

The range is based on standard modules with individual units custom designed and built – in-house – for your specific application. Basic automation or 21CFR11 compliant reporting.

SIPOne ™ Datasheet


Key Features

  • 316L Stainless steel wetted parts, smooth, crevice-free construction
  • PTFE elastomers and tri-clamp connections
  • Enclosed head orbital welding to EN287/15614
  • BioPharma instrumentation & Diaphragm valves
  • Certified surface finishes to 0.1 ra and optionally electropolished

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