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EDSflow ™

EDSflow ™

Continuous Flow Effluent Decontamination System

The Ultra-efficient Continuous Flow BioWaste Effluent Decontamination System.

The Suncombe EDSflow ™ Continuous Flow BioWaste Decontamination Kill System has been developed to provide an Ultra-efficient continuous decontamination system.

Following numerous clients’ requests to develop a continuous based biowaste decontamination system that could be validated, using Suncombe tremendous experience of Biowaste decontamination systems and critical processing systems, we have leveraged our knowledge of batch and hybrid biowaste decontamination systems.

The EDSflow ™ is a pre-designed system which treats effluent continuously. It consists of a buffer tank which buffers the effluent, ensuring that there is a controlled supply to the continuous system regardless of flow peaks and troughs.

Using steam, super-heated water or a licensed electrical heating technique, the effluent is passed through a heating zone, held at temperature and then passed back through a regeneration and a cooling zone. Only on confirmation of success of all of these steps is the effluent cleared for release.

Using robust, proven design principles, the systems deal with CL Biowaste Level 1 to 3 and take into account two main areas of concern. Firstly, the systems effectively sterilise or inactivate any harmful pathogens in the waste stream and secondly total containment must be assured at all times.

Key Features

• Robust and reliable
• Pre-tested at Suncombe
• Plug n Play after delivery
• Steam utility required, integral steam generator or electrical heating
• Adjustable kill temperature and time
• Pumped discharge to sewers 

EDSflow ™ Datasheet


Containment Level: BSL1, BSL2, BSL3

Treatment Vessels: None – continuous

Collection Vessels: Any Number

System Capacity: Up to 180,000L per day

Treatment Parameters: Variable f0 values and temperatures up to 140°C

System Cooling: >42C 

Material: 316 Stainless steel

Operating Voltage: 400VAC

Automation: BioSuite Level 2000 standalone control system with touch panel display

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