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ChemTreatEDS ™

pH Neutralisation
ChemTreatEDS ™

Introduction to ChemTreatEDS ™ BioWaste Decontamination Kill Chemical System

Suncombe ChemTreatEDS ™ BioWaste Decontamination Kill Chemical Systems are used for the chemical treatment of effluent and waste generated by research, laboratory, production and bio-containment facilities from a single laboratory room to a large multi-user facility and for production and process waste decontamination.

The Suncombe ChemTreatEDS ™ BioWaste Decontamination Kill Chemical System is a heavy duty validateable Batch BioWaste Decontamination System used for Biological Hazardous Effluent Decontamination and Growth Media Sterilisation for CL levels 2 and 3.

Available in a wide range of capacities and configurations, ChemTreatEDS ™ systems are available for treating waste from any size facility from a single laboratory room to a large multi-user facility and for production and process waste decontamination.

Crafted to a standardised blueprint yet adaptable to tailor-fit client needs, these effluent decontamination systems excel in hazardous waste treatment by employing cutting-edge instrumentation, precise chemical blending, and flexible control mechanisms to accomplish thorough decontamination.

ChemTreatEDS ™ Datasheet



  • Positive release of waste post treatment
  • Minimisation of direct energy and utility usage
  • Duty/standby arrangement in case of equipment failure providing guaranteed availability
  • Developed and manufactured in the United Kingdom
  • Designed for reliable, efficiency and validatable performance
  • Tanks incorporating self bundss
  • High quality HDPE Tanks with options for 316 stainless steel, duplex steel and other thermoplastics
  • Stainless steel framework and control panels
  • 316 stainless steel pipework with options for duplex steel or thermoplastics pipework
  • Optional safety Interlocks to SIL3
  • Pressure relief and safety devices
  • Risk assessment, method statements, operating instructions and full documentation
  • 2D drawings and 3D models
  • Factory Acceptance Testing Included
  • Local control location with remote control locations available
  • Optional interfaces to waste generation equipment, DCS, BMS, Historian etc.
  • Options for cooling systems to control the temperature of the outgoing effluent
  • Full wet Factory Acceptance Test with all equipment
  • Full safety features to ensure no effluent discharge in the event of out of condition discharge or failure
  • Local and remote Alarm messages

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