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MobileCIP ®

MobileCIP ®

Introduction to MobileCIP ®

The MobileCIP ® is a Total Loss Cleaning In Place system supplied worldwide to the BioPharma, Healthcare, Cosmetics, Personal Care, Food, Dairy, Beverage and other Processing Industries. Designed and developed to be mobile to allow the entire system to be moved to its point of use. Manual or automatically operated, the systems can be used for cleaning processing equipment including Tanks, Vessels, Vats, Fermenters, Mixers, Processors, Pipework, Valves, Isolators, Mills, Coaters, Filters, Pumps, Dryers and Fillers.


Built to hygienic and sanitary standards including ASME BPE the MobileCIP ® incorporates a CIP buffer vessel for storing, batching and delivering CIP fluids, heating facilities, detergent dosing facilities, valving, pumps, instrumentation and an in-built control system.


  • CIP buffer vessel for storing, batching and delivering CIP fluids
  • Pressure vessel or sealed SEP vessel
  • 316L Stainless steel hygienic variable speed delivery and scavenge pumps
  • 1 to 4 chemical dosing systems
  • 1 to 3 inlet water supplies
  • Extensive Analytical Instrumentation
  • Hygienic Pneumatically Operated Valves
  • Mobile Stainless Steel Framework
  • Optional Covers
  • Optional SIP Functionality
  • Optional SIP Functionality
  • Optional ATEX Rating
  • Optional ATEX Rating

Example Uses

  • CIP in Zoned Areas
  • CIP in Separated Locations
  • CIP Development
  • CIP Trials
  • Ideal for Periodic CIP
  • CIP Familiarisation

For more information, head to Suncombe Mobile Cleaning In Place (CIP) System main page.

MobileCIP ® Datasheet


CIP Philosophy: Total Loss – no recovery

Number of CIP Vessels: 1

CIP Vessel Capacity: 30 – 500 litre

CIP Vessel Pressure

Rating: 0.49 – 6.0 barg

Delivery Flowrates: 10 – 200 litre per minute

Delivery Pressure: 1 – 6 barg

Delivery Temperatures: Ambient to 90°C (option for SIP)

Material: Stainless steel, duplex or Hastelloy

Operating Temperature: Ambient to 50°C

Operating Voltage: 230VAC or 400VAC (24VDC control)

Automation: CIPSuite Levels 2000 to 4000 (option for DCS control)

Reporting: Printed records optional 21CFR11 electronic records and batch reports.

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