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Thru Wall Connections

Thru Wall Connections

Enhance your facility’s efficiency with our innovative thru wall connections, designed to seamlessly integrate WIP and CIP clean-in-place systems. Our advanced technology ensures thorough cleaning without disassembly, saving you time and labor costs. With easy access and maintenance, these connections optimise your workflow, maintaining hygiene standards effortlessly. Trust our thru wall connections to deliver reliable performance, facilitating smooth operations for your WIP and CIP systems.

Suncombe is one of the world’s first manufacturers of panels, with transfer panels supplied since the 1960s and Utility panels supplied since the 1970s.

Thru Wall Connections, Utility Panels and Stations, are used as an interface for point of use liquid and gas service and utilities, solutions, CIP and SIP routing and control and power connections for entry to Cleanroom, process area and similar environments primarily in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and critical sectors as an interface for Solution Preparation systems, Interface to reactors, fermenters, Downstream and upstream process interface, API, OSD and Bulk Manufacture, CIP/SIP/DIP and WIP Routing, Electrical, control, networking, power and pneumatic signals, USP Water Loop Outlets, Sampling and many more applications in Pharmaceutical, Biotech and other Critical process industries.

ASME BPE defines Transfer Panels as ‘a panel to which process and/or utilities are piped that mechanically precludes erroneous cross connections’. The panels consist of an array of nozzles that can be interconnected using “make or break connectors” to enable routing of fluids to separate paths without any possibility of mixing the fluids.