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CIPWasher ™

CIPWasher ™

Introduction to CIPWasher ™

The CIPWasher ™ is an entry level CIP system which provides the ability to CIP pipes, tank, hoses and heat exchangers.


The CIPWasher™ operates in a similar manner to a high pressure washer. High pressure washers are ideal for many cleaning applications, but have problems with cleaning in small enclosed spaces such as pipework, hoses, tanks and heat exchangers. To correctly clean this type of equipment the principles of CIP (cleaning in place system) need to be adopted. CIP works on higher flowrates, lower pressures and normally recirculated cleaning.

The CIPWasher™ is a hybrid washer bringing the portability advantages of a high pressure washer with the ability to apply the cleaning principles of a CIP skid.


  • Variable duty CIP delivery
  • Water and Chemical Rinses
  • Chemical Rinse Recirculation
  • Liquid Heating
  • CIP Suction to empty cleaned equipment
  • Mobile Stainless Steel Framework
  • Optional Covers


  • CIP starter
  • Smaller producers who want to use CIP
  • Larger producers with widely spread out equipment.
  • CIP Development
  • CIP Trials
  • Ideal for occasional CIP
  • CIP Familiarisation

If you need to learn more about Mobile CIP, proceed to Mobile Cleaning In Place (CIP) System main page.

CIPWasher ™ Datasheet


CIP Philosophy: Total Loss

Number of CIP Vessels: 1

CIP Vessel Capacity: 150 litre

CIP Vessel Pressure Rating: Atmospheric

Delivery Flowrates: 20 – 100 litre per minute

Delivery Pressure: 1 – 2 barg

Delivery Temperatures: Ambient to 60°C

Material: 316 Stainless steel

Operating Temperature: Ambient to 50°C

Operating Voltage: 400VAC (24VDC control)

Automation: CIPSuite Levels 1000 to 1600

Reporting: None

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