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CIP Accessories

CIP Accessories
CIP Accessories

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Clean In Place Systems Accessories


COPStation ™

Developed to provide a permanent location for cleaning allowing the equipment to be connected in the same manner for each use. Once closed the COPStation ™ provides an enclosed environment which minimises noise and provides a protective environment in case of any leaks of high temperature water or chemicals. Normally combined with one of our CIP systems, the COPStation ™ is seamlessly integrated into the CIP system control suite, which provides all safeguards, interlocks and safety facilities.


The Suncombe MobilePump provides an all in one, convenient package for any industry from Biopharmaceuticals to Food production for liquid pumping. The MobilePump efficiently integrates electrical, mechanical and instrumentation technologies into a convenient, easy to move pump system, effective in any production industry.

Chemical Distribution Schemes

Suncombe Chemical Distribution Schemes are a robust range of heavy duty schemes for internal and external storage and distribution of liquid chemicals. Primarily used in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, beverage, healthcare and other critical sectors, they encompass the high quality of design, manufacture and documentation required in these sectors.

Dosing Skids

Suncombe Dosing Skids are a robust range of heavy duty validateable skids for liquid dosing applications. Built to quality and safety standards the Dosing Skids provide a robust, reliable, repeatable method of storage and dosing of liquids. They incorporate liquid storage tanks, pipework, pumps, valves, instrumentation and an in-built control system.

SunFlo ™ Transfer Panels & Utility Panels

Produced by Suncombe for over 50 years, these panels are used for service entry, utility entry, CIP and SIP routing and also for utility piping and control outside of the clean area. This principle removes the equipment and instruments from the production areas by locating them in service areas, providing additional production area space and allowing maintenance outside of production areas.

SUNpH ™ Neutralisation Systems

Suncombe SUNpH ™ Neutralisation Systems are used for neutralising acids and alkalis and to buffer and control the outgoing effluent stream. The systems can accept waste streams from processing, CIP, Washer and laboratories and other waste sources. Built to a generic design, with the ability to custom engineer to suit clients requirements, they achieve pH Neutralisation using ultra efficient instrumentation, chemical mixing and versatile control systems.

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