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Suncombe USP Water Storage and Distribution Skids

SAFC GMP Purified Water Distribution Skid 
USP Water Storage and Distribution Skids

The Validatable USP Water Handling System

Suncombe have been producing USP Water Storage and Distribution Skids for the worldwide BioPharma and Healthcare sectors for over 60 years. The systems provide hot and cold USP water storage and distribution and guarantee the ongoing quality of pharmacopoeial water, by excellence in design, based around ASME BPE, including providing a HEPA filtered environment, risk assessments and HAZOPs. Negating the chance of contamination, they incorporate vigorous measures to minimise microbial growth and provide reliable operation.

The Suncombe systems have been specifically develop, using robust, proven design principles, the systems are designed around the requirements of the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment standard to ensure that your water is handled in a reliable, repeatable, validatable and auditable manner. Every Suncombe system is individually designed, using pre-configured modules, to suit the client specific requirement and are available with many client selected options including SIP and/or ozone/chemical sanitation, Total Organic Carbon (TOC) monitoring and other analytical measurements. The detail design will ensure that USP water is available at the quality, quantity, flowrate, temperature and pressure that are required to ensure the success of your process.

USP Water Storage Skids Datasheet


Custom Design

The skids are designed to ensure that adequate media is available for all of your requirements. In order to do this we offer a large range of different storage vessels sizes and media flowrates.

Skid Components

  • Pipework designed to ASME BPE with no deadlegs, fully drainable, enclosed head orbitally welded, full hydroscopic examination
  • Large range of standard volumes or custom size Pressure Vessel 316L Stainless steel storage pressure vessel designed to PED/PD5500/ASME BPE (other codes available). Built with NAconnects to minimise inlet/outlet dead space
  • Variable Speed single or duty and standby ASME BPE sanitary centrifugal pump/s with flowrates from 1,000 to 30,000 litres per hour and greater
  • ASME BPE shell and tube heaters and coolers, steam, hot/cold water or electrical
  • Biopharma specification straight through, tandem and zero dead leg diaphragm valves
  • Instrumentation for monitoring and control of level, pressure, temperature, conductivity and flow rate (TOC optional).
  • Hot water, chemical or ozone sanitation systems.
  • Return loop back pressure control and spray devices in the storage tank
  • Sealed system with 0.2 μm heated vent filters with sanitary Bursting disc

Automation System

The Integrated Suite3™ automation packages are designed to be operator friendly and simple to use whilst providing flexibility and optimisation. Reliable and robust, they have been developed over the last 20 years in co-ordination with clients operations staff, engineers and validation staff. They encompass all elements required to provide a controllable, repeatable automatic system.

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