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IBCWashStation ™

IBCWashStation ™

Introduction to IBCWashStation™


The Biotech, Pharma and Critical Application cGMP Validatable IBC and Tote Washer for Efficient, Reliable, and Customizable IBC Washing


The Suncombe IBCWashStation™ systems provides a robust and repeatable method of Washing, sanitising, sterilising and drying intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

IBCs are used in powder and bulk material handling processes, to transport, process and store various materials, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food products. These containers can become contaminated with residues, bacteria, and other substances that can compromise the integrity of the materials.
An IBCWashStation™ includes integrated washing fluid generation systems including all the necessary liquid inlets, heaters, pumps, valves, dryers, filters pipework and related components and instrumentation, construction and components are suitable for sanitary use in pharmaceutical, biotech and other hygienic applications.

Including a user-configurable recipe based control system which combines liquid flow, pressure, temperatures and chemical energy to provide a repeatable wash of your IBC internals, the cleaning process can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Systems are pre-assembled and fully tested with to minimise risk and optimise installation and validation time on-site and comply with industry standards, including cGMP and FDA regulations. Accompanied by a comprehensive suite of documentation covering all aspects of installation, operation and maintenance, the system is easy to operate and maintain and can be customized to meet specific cleaning requirements.


Washing, sanitising, sterilising and drying of:

  • IBCs – Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Totes
  • Pallecons
  • Cube tanks
  • Bulk boxes
  • Intermediate bulk packages (IBPs)
  • Intermediate containers (ICs)
  • Intermediate bulk bins (IBBs)

Sanitary Washer Construction

  • FDA approved components with no threads and triclamp connections
  • 316L stainless steel minimal dead legs, fully drainable, options for material & weld traceability
  • User intuitive, versatile control and instrumentation
  • Repeatable, validatable client configurable sequences

IBCWashStation ™ Datasheet


Sanitary 316L stainless steel construction and components: Wash fluids are maintained at the highest sanitary standards complying with 316L stainless steel GMP and FDA requirements including minimal dead legs, fully drainable, with options for ASME BPE construction with guaranteed surface finishes with diaphragm valves, full material traceability, weld maps and tables and welding dossier.

IBCWashStation™ Layout: The IBCWashStation™ comprises of a top or bottom entry spray device, an IBC Wash Stand to mount the IBC and a fluid generation skid.

Spray Device: Employing a combination of specially developed variable duty spray technologies, the washer provides high energy impingement washing together with low energy flushing chosen by a simple recipe selection. They ensure total coverage of all internal surfaces, using high impact accurate spray targeting, resulting in repeatable and reliable washes.

Spray Device Insertion options: The choice of spray device insertion option will depend on the type of IBC to be cleaned, the level of contamination, the desired level of automation, and the space available in the wash station.

Wash Stand: The IBCWashStation™ Wash Stand is a device where the IBC is mounted for cleaning. Options are available for straight through or recirculation washing, bottom entry spray devices, drying and heating methodology.

Variable Duty Wash Pump: 316L Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Sanitary Washing Pump with Variable Speed Drive to allow speed control to vary the delivery flowrate and pressure from the recipe, complete with PID loop and automatic impellor casing drain valve. The flow rates and pressures on the washers are fully variable and would be optimised during commissioning to use the lowest flow/pressure/energy required.

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