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Celebrating a Milestone: Keith Foskett and Nick Jeffery

Keith Foskett and Nick Jeffery mark an impressive 26 years of dedicated service at Suncombe this August

Starting in August 1997, Keith and Nick’s commitment and contributions have played a significant role in the company’s success. Drawn to Suncombe’s values and sustainability focus, they’ve used their skills to help drive the company’s growth.

Over the years, Keith’s incredible design skills, together with his fabulous work ethic, aided many of Suncombe’s innovative products, systems and processes. You can see Keith’s design throughout our ranges and it is great to be able to called on his 26 years of experience to progress projects and designs.

Nick’s vision, professionalism and lively personality is acknowledged throughout the organisation and similar to Keith’s influence, Nick’s input is seen in many aspect of Suncombe’s success. Nick has worked in many roles within the business, from Electrical Design, Automation, Quality, Standards, Management and logistics, and in all of these roles he has shaped the current Suncombe systems.

Their work is characterised by a commitment to excellence, delivering quality and adapting to industry trends. They’ve helped create a collaborative work environment, fostering open communication and teamwork. Beyond individual achievements, they’ve laid the groundwork for future success, leaving a lasting impact on colleagues, clients, and partners.

Both engineers have also been key to promoting sustainability, implementing initiatives to reduce environmental impact, and setting industry standards.

As Keith and Nick continue, their experience and innovative thinking will be crucial in navigating the evolving business landscape. Suncombe expresses gratitude for their contributions and wishes them continued success.

Steve Overton comments “We cannot thank Keith and Nick enough for their tremendous service and commitment to Suncombe over the years. They are an inspiration to their younger colleagues and we appreciate them immensely”.