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Latest HTST Skid


Latest HTST Skid from Suncombe offers high performance with energy savings

Suncombe, global cleaning and critical process systems specialists, has announced the introduction of its latest High Temperature Short Time (HTST) Skid, designed to meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry, to provide energy-efficient processing.

An HTST skid is a type of heat exchanger used in the biopharmaceutical industry. It is designed to rapidly heat and cool a fluid, typically a liquid such as water or a solution, to a specific temperature for a short period of time, usually a few seconds, making it an essential tool for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Suncombe’s newest HTST Skid is designed to achieve the highest levels of compliance standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) to ensure it is made of compliant materials and meets strict guidelines for design, fabrication, installation and testing. The ASME BPE framework provides specific requirements for the design and construction of HTST skids, and other bioprocess equipment, including materials of construction, surface finish, as well as design features.

Some of the key requirements for HTST skids required by ASME BPE include:

  • The skid must be made of materials that are compatible with the fluid being processed and must be able to withstand the temperatures and pressures involved.
  • The skid must have a surface finish that is appropriate for the application, typically electropolished, to reduce the risk of contamination.
  • The skid must be designed to minimize deadlegs, which are areas where fluid can become trapped and potentially harbour bacteria.
  • The skid must be designed to facilitate easy cleaning and sterilization.
  • The skid must be tested and validated to ensure that it meets the performance requirements.

Developed over time, Suncombe’s HTST Skid now features the latest processing and control technology to provide optimal thermal processing, while ensuring minimal energy consumption. This innovative skid is equipped with a range of energy-efficient features, including advanced heat exchangers, automated controls and has been redesigned with an optimized process layout.

By utilizing these features, the skid can reduce energy usage, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses. It is based on a modular proven framework, that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each customer.

“We are excited to introduce the newest version of our ASME BPE HTST Skid, which represents the latest in cutting-edge technology for the biopharmaceutical industry,” said Steve Overton, Operations Director at Suncombe. “It is designed to meet the needs of the modern bioprocessing industry, to achieve the highest standards of safety, and performance. It provides our customers with an up-to-date and eco-friendly solution to meet the present day demands of the industry. The rigorous testing and validation of the HTST Skid ensures it meets the very stringent performance requirements.”