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Suncombe SonoKleen - Released for Validated Ultrasonic Washing

Suncombe – the UK’s 50+ year premier cleaning, biowaste effluent treatment and processing engineers – introduce the SonoKleen™ range of “Ultrasonic washers”. The washers provide a validatable method of ultrasonic cleaning allowing the use of high temperature liquids and strong chemicals for washing, rinsing and drying in a single chamber.

The SonoKleen™ primarily uses Ultrasonic cleaning but also incorporates other cleaning technologies to allow the operator to develop the optimum wash for your equipment. The combination of technologies ensures that the best results are achieved, whilst minimising the energy and utility usage and reducing the washing time and manual handling. The recipe selectable technologies include:

• Ultrasonic
• Immersion
• Turbulation
• Recirculation
• Spray Cleaning
• Drying

Fitted with standard baskets and racks for holding parts for washing, custom designed baskets are also available for mounting equipment in a specific orientation for precision cleaning.

Steve Overton, the Technical Director at Suncombe comments: “The SonoKleen™ has been developed using our 50+ years of experience in the field of washing systems and provides a safe solution for a validatable Ultrasonic washer that can prepare and heat validated solutions and then rinse and dry the parts in line with a pre-set recipe. Aimed at segments of the market that need Ultrasonic washing and also need a repeatable, validatable cycle”

Available in standard and bespoke versions, the units can be built to sanitary standards for the food and associated sectors and ASME BPE standards for the BioPharma and medical sectors.

Fully pre-constructed and extensively tested before delivery, the SonoKleen ™ is available in semi-automatic and automatic modes, with different levels of automation to suit your requirements.

Special versions available for validatable, recipe controlled “Passivation Treatment”, providing a printout for passivation traceability.

Available in the UK and worldwide through our sales network, the SonoKleen™ range of “Ultrasonic washers”, offers a validatable, robust, durable and reliable solution to your equipment washing requirements.