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Suncombe range of effluent decontamination systems upgraded and renamed EDSbatch®

Suncombe, pioneers in the development of innovative solutions for cleaning in place and bio-waste decontamination, has recently added new features to it range of Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) incorporating connectivity, sustainability and efficiency improvements required for the mid 2020’s and the post-COVID era. As a result the systems, which utilise the batch methodology, and have been supplied for over 25 years under the EDSPlus™ brand, have been renamed EDSbatch®.

These are heavy duty, validateable batch biowaste decontamination systems used for biological hazardous effluent decontamination and growth media sterilisation for BSL levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. The new EDSbatch branding is a registered trade name and applies to the entire range of larger EDS supplied by the company. They are used for the treatment of effluent and waste generated by research, laboratory, production and bio-containment facilities from a single laboratory to a large multi-user facility, as well as for production and process waste decontamination. The new name was chosen as it is more representative of the product and highlights the developmental changes in the new equipment.

Proven Design

Using proven design principles, the Suncombe EDSbatch biowaste decontamination kill systems use a combination of thermal and elevated pressure processes. These are designed to deactivate and sterilise waste, while securing absolute containment and protection of the external environment, to ensure that the target microbiological agents in the effluent are inactive before release.

The fully automated batch processing functionality now includes additional control facilities for user passwords, active directory, audit trails and electronic batch reports for local or network storage. Larger interface screens for operators have been incorporated to make process visualisation simple, intuitive, clear and comprehensive, says the company. Advanced features include the ability for remote monitoring and software complying with FDA 21CFR and EU GMP regulations.


Redevelopment of EDSbatch has enabled further seamless integration with the Suncombe SUNpH™ neutralisation systems, often used for neutralising acids and alkalis and to buffer and control the outgoing effluent stream. A single, dual redundant, self-diagnostic connection is made between the two systems to allow them to operate together.

The entire suite of systems have been developed so that they can be pre-constructed off site into containerised units. This can improve space utilization and reduce the commissioning, validation and maintenance periods as the modular equipment is supplied in a “ready to operate” state, needing only utility connections on site. Containerised units can speed up projects and reduce capital costs by minimising the infrastructure requirements, whilst enabling easy relocation.

Commenting on the new branding Suncombe’s technical director Steve Overton said, “The new EDSbatch name reflects the many developments that have been made to the EDS and exactly what it is handling. The integration with other systems now means there is a seamless process to achieve the result our clients require in an efficient, integrated, cost effective, and sustainable way.”

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