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Sustainable Water Heater

Sustainable Water Heater Adds Electric Functionality

GMP Water Heating SkidsSuncombe, the critical process systems specialists, has announced the global release of the updated GMP Water Heating Skids incorporating the option to provide electrical heating utility in addition to steam and oil. The increased flexibility of the system enables its use in further GMP areas in the biopharma sector and other critical processing sectors.

Following extensive work with blue-chip clients and sector partners, who requested the ability to incorporate sustainable technologies in their water heating applications, Suncombe offer options to incorporate electrical heat pumps, regeneration and recovery heating to achieve corporate sustainability goals.

With variable temperature settings up to 125°C and flowrates of 1,000 litres per minute or more, the versatile control system allows configuration of temperature controlled, regulated flowrate and pressure during heating, storing and distributing of hot water for process and utilities. Encompassing traditional and innovative processes and technologies, the updated GMP Water Heating Skids incorporate an advanced control system built to GAMP guidelines, with 21CFR part11 compliance with audit trails and user access controls by passwords.

Designed to comply with ASME BPE (Bioprocessing Equipment), the international standard for the design and construction of equipment intended for use in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals, they include compliance with the 2D deadleg rule, full drainability, full traceability and are suitable for validation.

The GMP Water Heating Skids, with capacities varied to suit a wide range of hot water supply applications, are equipped with controls and interlocking functionality to ensure water supply is constantly maintained at the required quality. HEPA sterile filters are incorporated to ensure that water quality is maintained in the system envelope.

Fully certified, the cGMP designed systems comply with all legislative and safety standards. Available in standard or bespoke versions, they are highly efficient and incorporate GAMP, ASME BPE, FDA and ATEX guidelines.

Commenting on the worldwide release of the system, Suncombe Director Steve Overton said: “The GMP Water Heating Skids are able to provide a comprehensive and validatable water heating, storing and distributing solution. To meet and comply with all the relevant international standards, requirements are assessed for each project individually, making it highly accessible to all parts of the world.”

Developed to incorporate ‘Lean Manufacturing Principles’ ensuring that waste is minimised and efficiency is maximised, GMP Water Heating Skids are manufactured from 316L certified stainless steels and incorporating high quality components. The units can be fully thermally and chemical decontaminated for maintenance and the maintenance operations have been incorporated on the system display screens (HMI – Human Machine interface).