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Containerised Systems

Time critical delivery of biowaste decontamination systems completed at UK COVID-19 vaccine production facility

Suncombe has designed, built and delivered high specification biowaste effluent decontamination systems (EDS) in an extremely short timeframe to support the expanding Covid-19 vaccine production programme of a global manufacturer in the United Kingdom. To complete this work the company has constructed new vaccine production areas, each of which required a dedicated decontamination system for BSL3 biowaste.

Normally BSL3 decontamination systems need to be housed within secure containment rooms. However, due to the fast-track nature of this project, there was no time for a specially built containment area to be incorporated into the facility.

Suncombe, a global supplier of BSL3 biowaste management plant, was approached to offer a solution and help to bring the facility on stream very quickly. It proposed that the decontamination systems could each be mounted in purpose-built containerised modules, with full containment barriers built within the containers.

This solution allowed Suncombe to build and test the biowaste EDS inside containerised modules, including the process equipment. These modules also incorporate containment barriers, a washing facility, lobby, safe change HEPA air filtration, door locks and other features, all of which are essential requirements for a BSL3 biowaste treatment system.

An advanced BioSuite#3000 software package was added. This was developed by Suncombe engineers and is suitable for full validation, incorporating 21CFR part 11 compliance, user levels and an audit trail, to control all of the equipment.

Mimic2The construction of these systems needed to be started prior to the completion of detailed design, in order to achieve the very fast timescale. The initial design methodology was agreed between Suncombe engineers and the client, enabling their construction to be started, while allowing the process development to continue.

This time critical project, was carried out with thebackdrop of COVID-19 measures, which affected the ability to secure materials and also impacted on working patterns, which included working within government guidelines, such as social distancing and increased hygiene, to ensure the safety of the company’s workforce.

Two containerised systems have recently been delivered following extensive testing to ensure a ‘plug ‘n’ play’ start up when arriving on site.

“Suncombe was able to improve on the promised timescales and deliver ahead of schedule,” explained Operations Director, Steve Overton. “We are delighted to have been able to get involved in this exciting new vaccine production facility and to employ our 60 years of company experience, our extensive knowledge and ‘will do’ attitude to help in the COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.